We work hard to create the environment at RECTUM,  we require our guests to join the hard work by creating a great outfit that match our concept. There will be a dresscode guard, you will not be allowed to enter if you do not follow our dresscode. We like: rust, concrete, geometry, chains, filth, perversions and bodily fluids.

Follow our concept and use expressions with:

latex, leather, PVC, boots, medical, robot, animal-play, masks, military.

Follow our concept and play with extremely gendered stereotypes:

drag, gender mashup, crossdressing, lumberjack, schoolboy, policewoman, teacher, sailor etc.

Follow our concept and be creative:

artsy fashionista, symmetry/asymmetry, harness. Modify your garments with accessories or industrial materials. The torso is only one body part you can work with, use your whole body as a canvas.


Dresscode inquiries

For more inspiration from our concept:


We do not accept: Boring workwear, streetwear, casual, naked as an outfit, vanilla club outfits, formal dress, knives, needles or other weapons.

Contemporary Swedish uniforms, you are not allowed to have this kind of fun in that kind of uniform.